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    Understand your decission. Will also say Thank You for these years you been as clan leader :) glad to hear that you dont scrap your pc ;)
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    Cancelled Fun Night

    To late for me im sry
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    FFF Event FFF Fun Night.

    Good idea but im guessing it will be to late on the evening for me. But if it gets the rest together im fine with it :)
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    New CoD Black Ops 4

    Yea cod feels dead 2 me 😢
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    New Feature New donation account upgrades system

    Shouldnt it be cabbages instead of badges? 😂
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    Meant theme fonts. So gray :p

    Meant theme fonts. So gray :p
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    Gaming Deluxe League

    Who doesnt!? Great times!
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    Application Approved! V4deR

    Welcome back mate! :)
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    R6 Siege to wear tags or not ???

    I would say tag always. Back when R6S came out and it was only me, stealth, supertom, skellen, was someone else 2. Sry if i left u out in this count. Anyways we did use tags :)
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    Work accident

    Skellen as the viking i am so its just a flesh wound going to a kiroprakter today. So he will twist me right. Robin it did indeed
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    Work accident

    had a rookie with me. And it was det to fail that plate from the start. Never liked it. Should be sorted tomorrow at work. So nobody else can get hurt. No bones broken. Just feel like the hunchback of notre dame and tierd as fuck
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    Application Denied 03/4/2018 | Mentir(NL) | Inactivity

    Good luck! Can we exchange cloggy?
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    Work accident

    Hi all! Just wanted to let you all know i got a plate that bumped on top of my head and twisted my neck and spine. So i been sleeping last evening and all day today. So with that said got a concussion. So wont properly be gaming this week at all. Cheers and peace
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    Done! Agree with both of you with the pc and pubg. (Not the xbox, never liked xbox) Rob so whats your pc set up atm?
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    happy new year

    Sry to spoil the year. But i dont think that will happen