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    Rainbow 6 Siege

    Nice to see you liking the game Robin :)
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    Rainbow 6 Siege

    Nah not like old map. But u can do situations :)
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    Application Approved! 31/03/19 | Jinxz

    Very big congratz to you Jinxz and warm big welcome to the clan as full member 🤘🎂😎
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    Guy has 144hz monitor for years and forgets to change the settings from 60 to 144

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    Apex Legends

    So u back as a gamer now?
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    Apex Legends

    It is. Yet packs and shit. Bet u havent played it even ^^
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    Apex Legends

    To look alike fortnite. No ty
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    Prospect Until: 9/4/19 | BarisYabraktar

    Hey enes! :) welcome to FFF site :)
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    New mini gaming PC

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    Got a new monitor setup 😁

    Same. On phone tho
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    Application Approved! 31/03/19 | Jinxz

    Welcome to the forums :) nice to see u made an application :) good luck :)
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    Application Approved! 16/01/19 | Lion

    Congratz Lion on full membership! He is special and his mom approved 😂 welcome behave and enjoy your stay :)
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    Application Approved! 16/01/19 | Lion

    Hi lion! Welcome! :)
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    Understand your decission. Will also say Thank You for these years you been as clan leader :) glad to hear that you dont scrap your pc ;)
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