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    Apex Legends

    So u back as a gamer now?
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    Apex Legends

    It is. Yet packs and shit. Bet u havent played it even ^^
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    Apex Legends

    To look alike fortnite. No ty
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    Prospect Until: 9/3/19 | BarisYabraktar

    Hey enes! :) welcome to FFF site :)
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    New mini gaming PC

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    Got a new monitor setup 😁

    Same. On phone tho
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    Prospect Until: 26/02/19 | Jinxz

    Welcome to the forums :) nice to see u made an application :) good luck :)
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    Application Approved! 16/01/19 | Lion

    Congratz Lion on full membership! He is special and his mom approved 😂 welcome behave and enjoy your stay :)
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    Application Approved! 16/01/19 | Lion

    Hi lion! Welcome! :)
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    Understand your decission. Will also say Thank You for these years you been as clan leader :) glad to hear that you dont scrap your pc ;)
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    Cancelled Fun Night

    To late for me im sry
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    FFF Event FFF Fun Night.

    Good idea but im guessing it will be to late on the evening for me. But if it gets the rest together im fine with it :)
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    New CoD Black Ops 4

    Yea cod feels dead 2 me 😢
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    New Feature New donation account upgrades system

    Shouldnt it be cabbages instead of badges? 😂