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    Operation total f*ck up: completed

    It looks just like unreal tournament. Not going to buy this one.
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    New 6GB Titan Black Edition

    I've just bought a AMD 290X. for the price it works very well.
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    LZX [FFF Lanzone 10] Anniversary Edition 23-24-25 May

    With this new date I can make it to the lan.
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    LZX [FFF Lanzone 10] Anniversary Edition 23-24-25 May

    I can only participate on 20-21-22 June. If is goes on 6-7-8 I wil visit sunday.
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    My New PC

    god The VGA card is it loud whit stock cooler? Asus Radeon R9 290 "Voltage Unlocked" 4096MB GDDR5 PCI-Express Graphics Card I also want to buy this card. but everything is sold out here.
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    EuroDomination CTF HC

    Done - FFFLivetech
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    What do you think ?

    I also use the G510. Works fine, only I don't use the G keys in FPS. Only use them in WOW. the illuminated keys are easy in the evening.
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    Winners Announced - Black Ops Player of the Year!

    1, Macca 2, Shooter 3, Hitachi
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    T-Shirts or Polo Shirts for Lan Zone

    Can I stil order? If it can for me a polo, with game name and Belgian flag on the sleeve. (same as Hugo) Size M
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    FFF LAN Zone 2011

    I have arranged transport to get to the UK. I have sent the money through paypal. So Dave can u add me to the people who will attend the lan.
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    ED league rules

    R&U, I only use clay\'s atm. so I gonna change that to something else.
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    Let's see what you got!

    Here is mine Monitor: LG 22" Case: something mr. H sold me CPU: intel core 2 duo E6750 @ 3.0GHz Memory: 2GB DDR2 MOBO: MS-7360 GFX: Nvidea 9800 GTX HDD: SSD intel 80GB , 3x200Gb, 320Gb Peripherals: Logitech G5 and Flexiglow, steelpad, zalman 5.1 headset
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