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  1. CannonFodder

    What graphics card has everyone got?

    1) Asus GeForce RTX 2070 ROG Strix 8192MB PCI-Express Graphics Card 2) £441.66 - Bought last week 3) UserBenchmark: Nvidia GTX 970 vs RTX 2070
  2. CannonFodder
  3. CannonFodder

    Lost Friends

  4. CannonFodder

    Item for sale if anyone is interested, will be UK only guys and no delivery

    Item for sale if anyone is interested, will be UK only guys and no delivery
  5. CannonFodder

    Hung up tags 17/04/2018 | Iceman Left voluntarily may 2018

    You can join on the basis that you stop dropping snow on good luck with your app
  6. CannonFodder

    I got myself a upgraded mouse

    They see me roline....they hatin...
  7. CannonFodder

    Application Denied 03/4/2018 | Mentir(NL) | Inactivity

    May cloggys ginger wig bring you luck, the time for review is near
  8. CannonFodder

    Application Denied 31/03/2018 | Smiffy | Denied - Inactivity

    Good luck mate, why didn’t the old clan want you on a headset, couldn’t they understand your lingo? 😀
  9. CannonFodder

    1 leaf short of a cabbage

    1 leaf short of a cabbage
  10. CannonFodder

    Hung up tags 21/11/17 | Samvo Left voluntarily april 2018

    You don’t have to be Dutch to go full Dutch, but it helps! Good luck Samvonis
  11. CannonFodder

    Help me decide and pick one :)

    Steelseries, which ever you can afford
  12. CannonFodder

    Like a (stupid) Boss !!!

    Was waiting for the ladders to fold in on themselves
  13. CannonFodder

    Hung up tags 16/06/17 | Strat Left voluntarily march 2018

    Are you married or was being a Batchelor a choice :LOL::LOL:
  14. CannonFodder

    Out of action

    What PSU have you got cos I'd look there first, if components aren't getting the right voltage they ain't gonna perform. If you can get a hold of a different PSU try that first. Corsair is a lifetime warranty so just RMA your sticks once you try a new PSU and there is no improvement
  15. CannonFodder

    For all those who play CS:GO

    heres a site where you can earn ingame coins playing matches like 1 v1 and 2v2 upto 5 v 5 depending on your rank but those coins can be used to be exchanged for skins including knives
  16. CannonFodder

    Rainbow 6 siege , closed alpha sighn up

    Register this key here, should work Key: 1367vdlhf87p
  17. CannonFodder

    A request for help.

    Done mate
  18. CannonFodder

    Farewell from a friend

    Wish you all the best guys, I understand you weren't able to play as much Hugo as the glare from your bald head prevented you from seeing anything on the screen and also blinded Trientje in a friendly fire kind of way so something had to give eventually :) Take care of yourselves and may your...
  19. CannonFodder

    Project Sit Stand

    got enough switched fused spurs like?
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