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  1. FFF Pred-uk

    hey guys hope you are well I know its been a while but i do pop on from time to time to see...

    hey guys hope you are well I know its been a while but i do pop on from time to time to see whats happening, good to see so many of the original FFF members still going strong, keep going people . be good . be safe and enjoy x
  2. FFF Pred-uk

    Best wishes Buttmonkey

    sorry to hear that butt, get well soon mate ;)
  3. FFF Pred-uk

    Active Member List - You must reply to this thread!

    still alive and well, not been on much as some of you are aware the reasons why :( I will keep popping on TS when i can, so i suppose i'm active as far as that goes! Hope to be more active soon :)
  4. FFF Pred-uk

    Staying in touch

    Thanks guys will deffo stay in touch thanks for understanding. I will keep comming on here to speak/reply ect :D Speak to you soon (if i dont get her back will see you in game :lol:
  5. FFF Pred-uk

    Staying in touch

    hey guys, been off for about 3-4 days now, those of you who dont know my wife left me a couple of weeks ago :( (been through some shit)and one of the main reasons was my pc gaming.Its been shit since she left, i have moved into a rented house nearby so i can try to win her back.Now obviously...
  6. FFF Pred-uk

    joining you clan

    Hi Chappers, welcome and good luck m8
  7. FFF Pred-uk

    I want to join the FFF Squad !!!!

    SORRY in capital letters. Sh... happens sometimes. I\'ve got a itchy trigger finger. Sorry for not apologising when it happened. :lol: Its always nice to tk speedy though :lol: Good luck m8 :)
  8. FFF Pred-uk


    Hey guys, when i try to open TS 3 i get an error saying QTCODE4.DLL MISSING. any ideas how to resolve this ?. i have googled it, ran a registry scan (which is supposed to restore missing Dll) but it didnt work. I also tried to down load TS3 again but when i come to run it another error comes up...
  9. FFF Pred-uk

    Howdy Doody

    Hi Mate welcome to the clan :)
  10. FFF Pred-uk

    looking to the FFF colours.

    hey skell, welcome m8 hope to see you in-game soon. Enjoy!! :P
  11. FFF Pred-uk


    Hey Rod, nice to see you on forum, see you in game again soon :D
  12. FFF Pred-uk

    Help with diectx

    Thanks mate all sorted now :D
  13. FFF Pred-uk

    Help with diectx

    thanks mate just done that, it worked but now i have another problem. when i open BO this error comes up DDL: Buffer validation error - buffer is not large enough to accommodate this DDL. 40269 bytes required. any ideas on that ?
  14. FFF Pred-uk

    Help with diectx

    Hey guys, getting error message and dont know what to do. "Directx encountered an unrecoverable error check the readme for possible solutions" I cant get into any of my games wtf do i do ? :?
  15. FFF Pred-uk

    What key do you use for your push to talk?

    i said "use" not need :lol:
  16. FFF Pred-uk

    New Member

    Welcome Gittus enjoy your stay with FFF :D see you in-game soon 8)
  17. FFF Pred-uk


    All the best mate, have a great day :D
  18. FFF Pred-uk

    Happy New Year

    I\'m just having a quiet one in looking after my grandson :D Me the wife and 30 cans of john Smiths :roll: what ever you are doing have a Happy new year :D
  19. FFF Pred-uk

    Merry christmas

    Indeed, all have a great christmas :D, and all the very best for 2011.
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