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  1. FFFShooter

    Gaming monitor

    Anyone selling a 27" monitor and willing to post?.
  2. FFFShooter

    Battle Net Add a friend

    Game nearly here guys get me added.
  3. FFFShooter

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019)

    Do i need to pre order to play the Beta guys?
  4. FFFShooter

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019)

    Looks like a clan get together game to me.
  5. FFFShooter

    Battle Net Add a friend

    what am led to believe Skell...
  6. FFFShooter

    Battle Net Add a friend

    Superb buddy thank you.
  7. FFFShooter

    Battle Net Add a friend

    Add me on Battle Net guys FFFShooter#2804
  8. FFFShooter


    Cheers guys.....
  9. FFFShooter


    Just to let everyone know i am stepping down as clan leader, with not being on too much now and not buying the newest COD game i feel the position should goto someone who is still active within the clan, am still part of the clan and i will continue to wear still about but poss...
  10. FFFShooter

    Cancelled Fun Night

    I will try my best to be on that night.
  11. FFFShooter

    Hung up tags 17/04/2018 | Iceman Left voluntarily may 2018

    Welcome sure all will be good bringing you into the clan, enjoy your time here with FFF.
  12. FFFShooter

    Application Denied 31/03/2018 | Smiffy | Denied - Inactivity

    Good luck mate, am sure you will like being part of the team.
  13. FFFShooter

    Application Approved! V4deR

    Hi m8, nice one.
  14. FFFShooter

    Work accident

    Take care H...
  15. FFFShooter


    Hi mate, Illu will give you some more info......
  16. FFFShooter

    Hung up tags 20/09/17 | GTERM1NATOR

    Cheers illu and welcome mate.
  17. FFFShooter

    Help me decide and pick one :)

    Steel series.
  18. FFFShooter

    LANZONE 12 Belgium May 2017

    Cant do that weekend sorry as work rosta fri sat sun mon......
  19. FFFShooter

    Application Approved! 21/1/17 | Ultraco

    Cheers Illu....
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