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  1. FFFShooter

    Gaming monitor

    Anyone selling a 27" monitor and willing to post?.
  2. FFFShooter

    Battle Net Add a friend

    Add me on Battle Net guys FFFShooter#2804
  3. FFFShooter


    Just to let everyone know i am stepping down as clan leader, with not being on too much now and not buying the newest COD game i feel the position should goto someone who is still active within the clan, am still part of the clan and i will continue to wear still about but poss...
  4. FFFShooter

    Busy last 12 Months

    Hi guys, as you all know i have been online less over the last 12 months or so being busy with my fishing, here are just a few things that i have been involved in of late, and its all still going great.
  5. FFFShooter

    LZ11 Lanzone 11 |22nd - 24th May 2015 | Liverpool

    Right guys talking to Willow and he is looking at getting the Liverpool location again for 2015, date could be 29-31 may, please comment below if you would be up for it, thanks.
  6. FFFShooter

    Merry Christmas

    Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy new year, best wishes Shooter CL.........
  7. FFFShooter


    Hi guys not been on much of late, but taking a break from gaming for a while. I have got back into fishing in a big way, and with my holiday here next week, and changes in my family life with the grand kids coming along, gaming is not top of the list any more. I will be about on steam ect but...
  8. FFFShooter


    Fully Ranked........
  9. FFFShooter


    Just played the beta for an hour...... Maps x2 look good, one small city type, and one open mountain region GFX, very very good... Game play, very fast, and mind blowing, head pounding on Hard point. Class system, very similar too COD Overall looks and feels great. Dont think i will...
  10. FFFShooter

    LZX Games for the Lan

    Hey guys, with this being a special Lan this year am thinking of dusting down all the older Cod games we have played over the 10 years with FFF starting off with Cod 2 right upto Ghosts, just a thought but will keep you posted on further games to be added if any. I know not everyone will have...
  11. FFFShooter

    Ghosts Rules

    Just a quick 1, whats everyones thoughts on calling out when dead to get your team mates tags?, to do it or not?.
  12. FFFShooter


    Well done m8 for getting to full rank on Ghosts first in the clan.
  13. FFFShooter

    Merry Christmas

    I would like to wish all our FFF members and there family's a very Merry Christmas, best wishes also for the New coming year.
  14. FFFShooter


    Took a trip to our local Tesco and Asda today to see if they have Ghosts for PC at midnight only to be told no copies in store just for Xbox and Playstation...... what a fucking joke !!!!!!!!!! Dont they remember where the likes of Call of Duty and Battlefield Started? ON THE PC...
  15. FFFShooter

    Black ops 2 SD Score

    Thought i would share this........
  16. FFFShooter

    Are you buying BF4 - Poll

    Hey guys just a quick poll on who will be buying BF4, and will be playing.
  17. FFFShooter

    [Sep 29, 2013] Liverpool Clan Meetup October 2013 - Postponed to 2014 (Liverpool)

    Looking at a clan meet up this year in Liverpool, possible date Sunday 27th October 12.00 meet up. Please post below if you can make that date. Regards Dave.
  18. FFFShooter

    Dedi servers for Ghosts

    Oh yes....
  19. FFFShooter

    Fun War

    Sunday 25th 21.00 gmt. 5v5 S&D GDL Rule set Playing M.A.B.
  20. FFFShooter

    Pics of Work on the House

    Hope you like.......
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