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  1. FFFHitachi

    Battle Net Add a friend

    Hitachi#21766 i dont have the game yet. starting to think about it.40 € right now but still unsure. so in to rainbow 6 siege still and have put alot of money in to it ^^
  2. FFFHitachi

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019)

    is it only from just checking fore diffrent prices but looks no good on prices XD
  3. FFFHitachi

    sup everyone! how you all doing?

    sup everyone! how you all doing?
  4. FFFHitachi

    Application Denied 29/5/19 | BarisYabraktar

    Declined because of inactivity.
  5. FFFHitachi

    Rainbow 6 Siege

    Nice to see you liking the game Robin :)
  6. FFFHitachi

    Rainbow 6 Siege

    Nah not like old map. But u can do situations :)
  7. FFFHitachi

    Application Approved! 31/03/19 | Jinxz

    Very big congratz to you Jinxz and warm big welcome to the clan as full member 🤘🎂😎
  8. FFFHitachi

    Guy has 144hz monitor for years and forgets to change the settings from 60 to 144

  9. FFFHitachi

    Apex Legends

    So u back as a gamer now?
  10. FFFHitachi

    Apex Legends

    It is. Yet packs and shit. Bet u havent played it even ^^
  11. FFFHitachi

    Apex Legends

    To look alike fortnite. No ty
  12. FFFHitachi

    Application Denied 29/5/19 | BarisYabraktar

    Hey enes! :) welcome to FFF site :)
  13. FFFHitachi

    New mini gaming PC

  14. FFFHitachi

    Got a new monitor setup 😁

    Same. On phone tho
  15. FFFHitachi

    Application Approved! 31/03/19 | Jinxz

    Welcome to the forums :) nice to see u made an application :) good luck :)
  16. FFFHitachi

    Application Approved! 16/01/19 | Lion

    Congratz Lion on full membership! He is special and his mom approved 😂 welcome behave and enjoy your stay :)
  17. FFFHitachi

    Application Approved! 16/01/19 | Lion

    Hi lion! Welcome! :)
  18. FFFHitachi


    Understand your decission. Will also say Thank You for these years you been as clan leader :) glad to hear that you dont scrap your pc ;)
  19. FFFHitachi

    Cancelled Fun Night

    To late for me im sry
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