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  1. FFFMayhem


    Now I have your attention. You may or may not be aware that I am in an Oasis tribute band, yeah this is shameful spam but helps get us out there. We made some loud noises today in the recording studio. If you guys could like and share our pages/recording it is massively appreciated. Link below...
  2. FFFMayhem


    Evening boys & Girls (and Shooter), Just after some info on what is good at keeping your PCs running smooth these days? What anti-virus and anti malware programs you guys using? Any specific programs you can recommend for me? I'm a little out of touch with what software to use, its only for a...
  3. FFFMayhem


    Hello brothers! How is everyone? Hoping you all had a great xmas and new year! Just wondered if any of you had ventured into the open lands of PUBG? If so what do you guys think? I’m currently playing it on Xbox One. Really enjoying it, kinda takes me back to joint ops, not so sure why. Defo...
  4. FFFMayhem

    why hello there!

    Good evening all, Hope you are all doing well? I'm just wondering if you'd all be kind enough to to go like my new facebook page. I am now singing in a new oasis tribute band Link is here:- Much appreciate May
  5. FFFMayhem

    Shameless spam....

    Yeah, I'm still alive! How are you all? Got a new video on the tube youbes if you guys wouldn't mind having a listen. If you have an account please give subscribe and give it some likes and shares. Thank you Mayhem
  6. FFFMayhem


    Good evening all, Hoping you are all well! Long time no speak! I now own an iMac. I am wondering if any of you wiz-kids can let me know if it is possible for me to play games on this with you guys using windows? I can't really see much about it online. Cheers May
  7. FFFMayhem

    Selling: 24" PC monitor 1080p

    I am looking at selling this monitor as I have just placed an order for a iMac Any one interested? Make me an offer? I can include kettle lead and DVI cable. Cheers
  8. FFFMayhem

    Justin F**king Bieber

    My friend at work requested this, Hope you guys like it? Hoping you are all well and getting on with BLOPS3??? Cheers
  9. FFFMayhem

    PC advice

    Hi all, how the devil are we? Hoping you are all well and being good ready for Santa to visit? So I'm having some PC problems, making it very difficult to record songs and edit videos. I upgraded to Windows 10 a while back and since then I am having blue screen quite a lot giving me the error...
  10. FFFMayhem

    i'm loving angels

    So thought I would cover a song about it, hoping you are all ok? You know the score, please subscribe, watch, share, comment and like xx Mayhem
  11. FFFMayhem

    Who likes the Foo's?

    If you do, you might like this? Let me know what you think please peeps. If you could share it about zee face book it'd be much appreciated. Cheers Mayhem
  12. FFFMayhem

    Stereophonics cover

    New song uploaded, I loved this growing up. Hope you guys like it to? Usual applies, share, comment like and subscribe if you haven't already. If you do, Santa will be good at xmas this year! ;)
  13. FFFMayhem

    A request for help.

    Hi all, Sorry If my constant spamming of music is annoying but it's something that I love. I have created a facebook page for my music. I was wondering if you could all take seconds of your time to please go and like my page, it is to try and help me boost views and subscribers on my YouTube...
  14. FFFMayhem

    It's been a while....

    So it'd been a while since I've said hello and also recorded a new song, I thought I would do both in the same thread. Hello to you all, hope all you gaylords are keeping well? My new song is bellow, if you guys have a youtube channel, it'd be massively appreciated if you could subscribe to me...
  15. FFFMayhem

    Xbox division

    Hey all, Just wanted to keep you all in the loop to whats happening. We currently have 8 fully fledged FFF members. FFF is now an official Xbox Live clan! I am still grinding destiny but I am getting CoD AW for xmas. We will then look at entering leagues and such. For now, when we are together...
  16. FFFMayhem

    FFF Recruiting - post for "Destiny Forums"

    Hi guys thought I would post bellow a write up for us. Let me know what you think? FFF - Friend's, Fun and Fairplay are an established clan with over a decade of experience. We have been a PC gaming clan since the days of "Join Operations" and the very beginning of the CoD franchise. We have...
  17. FFFMayhem

    Xbox 1 devision

    Hi all, I have had a little chat with Dave about making an XBOX1 division to the clan. This is mainly because I don't want to give up my tags! Dave has gave me the go ahead, but if you have any issues with this please let me know. I don't want to upset any one in the clan! I already have 3/4...
  18. FFFMayhem

    Port forwarding!

    Hi guys, hoping you are all well?! I am having trouble with my "NAT type" on my XONE. I've done a fair bit of research into it and it seems that I need to log into my router and change a load of the settings. I'll be honest, its all a bit of jargan to me and i'm not very comfortable doing it...
  19. FFFMayhem


    Not sure if any of you have destiny? I've been playing it on my Xbox One. Its brilliant, I have no faults for it. Multiplayer is a little like unreal tournament but all the story lines and missions are a little like halo but more epic and just better. I need to look to see if there is a PC...
  20. FFFMayhem

    Console talk

    Hi guys, Hoping you are all keeping well? It's been a while since I've been on or even really been bothered to game. I've been thinking for a while I am in need of upgrading my system, but have been torn between that and buying either an Xbox one or PS4. Any way, I have bought an Xbox one. This...
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