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  1. FFFHitachi

    Work accident

    Hi all! Just wanted to let you all know i got a plate that bumped on top of my head and twisted my neck and spine. So i been sleeping last evening and all day today. So with that said got a concussion. So wont properly be gaming this week at all. Cheers and peace
  2. FFFHitachi

    due the fact we all are getting older...

    Hi all! next weeks saturday it will be 1 october, witch means i will be starting to move in to my big ass castle ;P and i dont know when i will get my own connection. also from tomorrow 25.9.11 i will be working nights to friday morning so i dont know if ill get time to be un. also gonna pack...
  3. FFFHitachi

    vacation ;)

    alright me and stealth wont be on for a week now :P going snowboarding and jumping ;) with our family :P just about a hour before we gana go no:P then i can start sleeping :D
  4. FFFHitachi

    just want to say....

  5. FFFHitachi

    Hi im doind a faver for [PCF]Flash

    [PCF]Flash pc gamers the forums is about gaming, tech help, random chattig ect he just want ppl to check it out and regrister to it. his deapest regards :)
  6. FFFHitachi

    for those who wonder what happend to me this morning!

    Uploaded with my big brother got borred and duck taped me ;) after that he riped the duck tape away and that hurt like hell. i also got bruises from it :)
  7. FFFHitachi


    Hi! Guys and Girls :) the reason why i havent been on lately: 1. Steam moving 2. not enough space on my C harddrive 3. trying to sort it all and get dead rising 2 downloaded :) and 4 work ofc :) well just want to say i got it sorted out :) and will be on and spreading love on ts again :) <3...
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