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  1. FFF_Willow

    LANZONE 12 Belgium May 2017

    Hello gang, had a few words with Hugo and Frank and as Lanzone 12 did not happen in the UK last year, we are looking to put it on in Belgium this year. Hugo is going to contact the place we last held it at in Belgium to see if it is available on either of the May Bank holiday weekends. If it...
  2. FFF_Willow

    T-Shirts or Polo Shirts for Lan Zone

    Hello Gaylords, I have been doing a bit of jiggery pokery and getting some prices for t-shirts and polo shirts for the Lan Zone. So far I have still got contact with the guy who done the T-shirts I got last year. I got them for Me, Shooter, Torres and Major Goon. See photo below. These come...
  3. FFF_Willow


    Hello all Fellow FFF and CG members. We have now booked the venue for the Lanzone and put all the information and images of the venue up on the site. Hugo has put information on how to reserve your slot. So far only Shooter, Macca & Myself have booked!!! Can you all take a minute sometime in...
  4. FFF_Willow

    Happy Birthday Si

    Happy Birthday mate, hope you have a good one. Take no notice of the belgique gaylord we need someone who talks more than him anyway!!
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