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    u were shit any way old age was setting in me thinks
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    Hung up tags Its Scooby's time to join fff.

    lo scooby n1 m8 yeah kill tats all the time ....he is the original soap opera ..tats enders........he plays all the old women .....natterin bout everyone else ..kill him.......or her ..he is a cock in a frock... any way nice to c ya scooby dooh
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    A day in the life of the Williams'

    fookin love it now all calm down...
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    Media: Rebel rocket attack

    hahaha funny as fook loved it alllahhhh snakbarrrrr...... :LOL:
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    Vote for the BLOPS II Player of the Year 2013!

    1.bad elf 2.bad elf 3.bad elf.... like bad elfs tactics... likes every 1,can listen to him an most of all we all wove bad elf...harumph harumph ..i wana harumph out of u....
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    Win [Apr 14, 2013] FFF vs 1PARA (FFF Squad TS)

    no rush of blood to d head..but lets smack there arse boys...alllah akbarrrr!!!!!!!!!!
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    LZ9 Register for LAN Zone 9!

    im going dave
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    LZ9 Register for LAN Zone 9!

    am there dave
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    Guess the FFF member from the sock

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    FFF Event [Oct 7, 2012] Clan Get Together (London)

    lo m8 we were waiting at some pub in the square for ya... any way fookin boss day.. maca waent home with a big issue seller who sang him a song through a traffic cone.. hahahahahahaha,? lol cant stop laffin as we found out the fella was leaving messages for him in his coat pocket hahaha ya had...
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    Active Member List - You must reply to this thread!

    im fully active..the prarie sky the sky is high deep in the heart of texas...!!!
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    Funny expression used by FFF\'ers

    thats right im as mad as a box of monkeys on speed hehahahehhhaa
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