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  1. ButtMonkey

    Cold War

    Is there a release date yet for this one?
  2. ButtMonkey

    Application Approved! 14/4/2020 - DestroyThem

    Hey dude, welcome to the squad, cya in game :)
  3. ButtMonkey

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019)

    Stops people complaining about aim-assist, is that even still a thing in these games on console?
  4. ButtMonkey

    Battle Net Add a friend

  5. ButtMonkey

    background looking sexy

    I've just realised I've had the same background for years...oops.
  6. ButtMonkey

    Guy has 144hz monitor for years and forgets to change the settings from 60 to 144

    I think I went about 2 months with 25-235 dynamic range, worst I've done lol
  7. ButtMonkey

    Guy has 144hz monitor for years and forgets to change the settings from 60 to 144

    When he's like "wait wait wait wait, how do I do that" makes me cringe.
  8. ButtMonkey

    Apex Legends

  9. ButtMonkey

    Apex Legends

    There isn't a "Jetpack" usage...the game has them graphically but they're implemented to make it more believable why you jump from the Ship (Like the plane in PUBG) to guide yourself to the area you'd like, or if you jump off a large cliff - To anyone else, it looks like they fire as you super...
  10. ButtMonkey

    Apex Legends

    25 million players, many many scrums to clean up :) R-99 with Threat Scope with Bangalore.
  11. ButtMonkey

    Apex Legends

    I absolutely love it, it's futuristic but not...Black ops Jet-pack futuristic haha
  12. ButtMonkey

    New mini gaming PC

    That's the most impressive thing I've seen in all my life. lol
  13. ButtMonkey

    Application Denied 29/5/19 | BarisYabraktar

    Ey Up Baris! Was wondering when you'd join :) Welcome
  14. ButtMonkey

    Got a new monitor setup 😁

    I had to download it, then it worked :) Dude that looks crazy
  15. ButtMonkey

    Got a new monitor setup 😁

    I can hear it....sounds awesome lol
  16. ButtMonkey

    Application Approved! 16/01/19 | Lion

    Hey Lion. welcome :)
  17. ButtMonkey

    Lost Friends

    Will do mate :) nice to see you.
  18. ButtMonkey

    Rainbow 6 Siege official thread.

    And for an Extra £0.77 you can protect yourself from invalid or duplicate keys and get a replacement :)
  19. ButtMonkey

    LZ11 Lanzone 11 |22nd - 24th May 2015 | Liverpool

    If anyone is travelling from the North-East or on-route and needs a lift, Send me a message and I'll pick them up along the way - Travelling from Newcastle/Sunderland Area.
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