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  1. FFFHugo

    Looking for a IT partner in the UK

    Hey peeps, long time no speak. How are you gays doing? Been very busy with work and thats kinda the reason of this post. I'm hoping you can help me with something. For a customer of the company I work at I'm looking for a partner that provides IT asset management services throughout the UK. We...
  2. FFFHugo

    Farewell from a friend

    Hello FFF, How is everybody? Its good to see the clan is still going strong. As you all noticed Trinn and me haven't been playing for over a year now. Its not all to blame on our little daughter but also on the fact that we don't feel as strong about online gaming anymore as we used to. I...
  3. FFFHugo


    Anybody here got some experience with bitcoins? and bitcoin mining?
  4. FFFHugo

    Any runners out there?

    Any gaylords in the clan that like to run to keep in shape? I started in march this year. My goal was to lose 10kg but also prepaire for a competition in october. my goal is 10km under 50mins. I recently started using runkeeper app to keep track of my progress. I have been using a GPS sports...
  5. FFFHugo

    New Application Junior

    Name: Junior In-Game Name/Alias: Junior Age: expected around November 29 Location: Trinnies belly in Beglium Previous Clan: None, I only want FFF Steam Name: Don't have an account yet. Im not born yet. Link to Steam Profile: ... A bit about yourself: I'm gonna be the best...
  6. FFFHugo

    LZ9 Getting ready for LZ9

    Hey peeps, I was looking at the Lanzone 8 vid on youtube and I thought I'll just share it again with you guys cause the vid makes look forward to the next LAN even more. Time to get a countdown going on the site. In meanwhile enjoy the vid, like it, share it, comment it,...
  7. FFFHugo

    Shooters grandma is a hardcore gamer

  8. FFFHugo

    Playercard show-off

    Show off ur playercards here...
  9. FFFHugo

    Black ops II multiplayer wont work

    Hey guys, I'm having problems with the multiplayer. the singleplayer works fine but in multiplayer it takes several minutes to load a map. when the loadbar on the bottom is full it just says "awaiting gamestatus" for a couple of seconds and then I get the following error: You have been...
  10. FFFHugo

    we're back!!!

    Hey mateys, I know you all missed us like hell so I bought a new gaming laptop and reinstalled the game. See you all in COD soon cause Hugo and Trinny are back to own :P
  11. FFFHugo

    Oldschool FFF Media

    I was sorting out all images on my old hard drive and I found some of the old FFF Media that we had on our website back in 1850 :p
  12. FFFHugo

    Team 5: SJ, Hugo, Trinny

    hey SJ, let us know what times you can play so trinny can set up the matches and we can start kicking some ass
  13. FFFHugo

    MW3 footage

  14. FFFHugo

    FFF Pranked

    I posted another video on youtube:
  15. FFFHugo

    matches and funwars

    hey peeps, I have put up another funwar in vwars. feel free to sign up. we need at least 5 players but HPH got 13 signed up already. I just wanted to remind you of some rules we always had concerning matches: - if you sign up for a match be on TS 15 mins prior to the match. this way we can...
  16. FFFHugo

    Match tactics

    before when we played cod4 in codleague we had a tactical database with a gridmap of each map and the names of all the buildings on it. that makes it easier to communicate where the enemy is. secondary we had a tactical movie on all the maps explaining the 5 attack and 5 defend positions one had...
  17. FFFHugo

    Server commands

    For all that have server admin rights check out this link you can find all the server commands in here. you can enter these commands in game in console first login with this command: \\rcon login...
  18. FFFHugo

    unlock hidden achievement

    check this:
  19. FFFHugo

    tweak ur game

    hey peeps; I have tried to use some of the old cod4 tweaks on black ops and some work: \\cl_drawfps 1 This will show ur FPS on the right upper corner \\com_maxfps 125 This will increase your FPS \\cl_maxpackets 100 This will decrease your ping Changes to the basic client...
  20. FFFHugo

    Forum classification

    hey, I mostly check the forums when im at work, and when I see the katy perry topic im very curious but kinda affraid to open the topic cause ppl are looking over my shoulder. and as a teamleader i need to set an example. so i thought to give topics like that a classification so ppl know if its...
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