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  1. ButtMonkey

    LZX LOST/FOUND - Lanzone 10

    Hey guys, Just wanted to make a post about a few things people have been talking about losing/left and just checking if anything turned up :) LOST - Samsung Wall/USB Charger plug. FOUND - Tats' Butt Plug (Used)
  2. ButtMonkey

    -FFF- Lanzone 9 Advert

    Hope you guys like this, give some advice on what to change in these two intros :)
  3. ButtMonkey

    -FFF- Pumpkins

    It's that time of the year! Got Bored and decided to make this for the Lolz. Why not create your own FFF pumpkin, enter into the competition and Win a Warm Glass of congratulations. ENTER NOW!!! *Flashing Lights and Hookers dancing*
  4. ButtMonkey

    Not Relevant!

    Told you.
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