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Sep 23, 2017
Name: Sammy

In-game Name/Alias: Samvo

Age: 18 (risky)

Location: Zeeland, The netherlands

Previous Clan: DeF (Dutch Elite Force)

Previous Clan's Website: None there was a steamgroup but doesnt exist anymore.

Steam Name: samvo123

Link to Steam profile:

Origin ID: Samvo123

Link to Origin Battlog:

A Bit about yourself: Im a Dutch guy who just likes to play some games in his free time. I like the competitive games and want to be the best of course but that just doesnt work :(. Other then that I like games like PUBG and other more tactic based games like Squad or Rising Storm.

Why did I choose for FFF: I met Cannonfodder over a year in CSGO, he was in the enemy team and was nice to us in the warmup. We started playing together for a while we played just CS, later he bought PUBG and we started playing. He got me on the discord server and I started playing with the others. And now i thought i play with the clan a lot so I feel like trying to join wont be a hassle here. :)

Who referred you? Well Cannonfodder got me on the discord, but Anthrax is the person who told me to apply if I wanted to. So its like a mix between Cannon and Antrax.


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Apr 7, 2013
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Hi @Samvo,

Welcome to the website!

For the first 4 weeks you will be considered an FFF Prospect. For the best chance of progressing we encourage you to be active during this time by using TS, joining us in game and being active on the clan website. During this period you will not wear any clan tags.

After the first month, if all has gone well you will be promoted to an FFF Recruit. You may then tag up with the following recruit tags in game ->FFF<-(R)

Please respect the FFF clan tags at all times, while in game and TS.

Abide by FFF conduct by adhering to

After the full 8 weeks we will make a decision on if you will become a full member.

(time started since the day you applied. )

Good luck!

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