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Jun 20, 2010
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Hey Guys,

Okay, time for another big update. The media gallery has been updated for the first time in over a year and there's a load of new features.

You may have already noticed the two new widgets on the home page for new media and random media. These are scrollable carousels, so you can click the arrows on the right and left to scroll through them.

I've added a Quick Post Media button to the home page. So now you only have to tap one button when you land on the site, whether you're on your phone, tablet or desktop in order to upload/embed a pic or embed a video for all to see.


1. Once there, you can select one of the preset categories, or leave it on the default quick share category for all random pics and vids. - I could split this into one for pics and one for vids - what woud you guys prefer?

If it's an image only or video only category, there will be one tab. If that category accepts both media types you need to select the right tab for whatever it is you're uploading/embedding.

3. New to this version you can now upload via URL direct to the gallery! This is a great little time saver.


The each category in the media gallery now has their own individual permissions. Which means visitors can now view a small amount of the public content, and normal registered users can even submit content to certain public categories (Like the general Pics & Vid category, Screenshots, Wallpapers, Battle Stations)

All the other ones I've labelled FFF only and should only be accessible by actual FFF members. I've done this so that we can still have the gallery open to the public and normal registered users, but keep a private section to share profile pics to get to know eachother in the Cabbage patch, as well as photos from meetups and LANs without having to worry about them being public on the net.


As well as seeing the latest media in the new media carousel you will see Media Alerts every time there is either new media or new comments in the gallery.

This alert bubble should clear if you visit each media page. But to clear it manually immediately, click the Mark Viewed button in the sub navigation menu when on the media page, or in the drop down box when you hover over Media when on any other page of the site.


If the alert was because there are new comments, then once you're on the media page you can scroll down to view the Recent Comments box in the left side bar.


The alerts system for media you have created or interacted with is much better in this version too. If you comment on some media, you will automatically be subscribed to that comment thread and receive normal XenForo alerts for new messages and likes.

You can also tag people in comments using the @username syntax, and use most of the functions from the redactor editor in the comments threads for media, similar to normal threads.

Image Manipulation

There are a ton of new buttons above the media now that allow you to do all sorts of things to the photo's you've uploaded.


1. Use Media As Avatar - Set the current media item to your forum avatar!
2. Crop the image
3. Tag Members in this Media
4. Rotate Media Left
5. Rotate Media Right
6. Flip Media Horizontally
7. Flip Media Vertically
8. Edit Media (if you have permission)
9. Move Media (to move it to a different category or into an album)
10. Delete Media

11. Download Media
12. Full Size Media
13. View Media in Lightbox - Triggers a full screen lightbox you can use to scroll through items.
14. Previous
15. Next
16. Change media thumnail

User Face Tagging in Photos
This is a fantastic new feature where you can now properly tag users in pictures and highlight who is who!
This is my favorite new addition.

1. Click the Tag Members in The Media button to activate the tagging.


2. Click AND DRAG to draw a box around the user. You can click away or hit cancel to redraw it.

3. Type in the forum username of the person you wish to tag, it will autocomplete and you select their avatar to make sure it's the right person. Then save by clicking Tag.


To deativate tagging mode, click the Tag Members in this Media button again.

Now, when you hover over the image you can see everyone who is in it! :D
They will also be listed in the right sidebar the right and the tag squares will appear on the image as you hover each avatar.


Create your own user Albums!
This is a pretty massive new feature too. You've all seen the categories in the media gallery, these have to be defined by an admin and are good if there's a few categories that you want specific users groups or all members of the site to be able to view and submit to, like LAN Zone events etc, where it's nice to see everyone's photos together.

But what if you want to make you're very own album where you can control who can view it and add to it? Well, now you can with User Albums


To add media to an album instead, select the album radio button when adding media


You can the create your very own album, give it a description, choose who can view it and even who else can add media to it.

You can also choose whether it's publicly available to all, just registered members on the forum, or you can choose specific users by entering their names.


Your user albums will be available to whoever you choose and you can upload images, embed images and embed videos.

If you have any questions, feedback problems or issues please post up!

Give it a try!


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