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Jun 20, 2010
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Hey Everyone!

This is the first of many big site updates I'll be posting about over the next week or so.

Sorry it's been stagnant for so long, had a lot going on the last year or so.

So, first of all I've upgraded the site from XenForo 1.1.4 all the way up to 1.3.3, this is a massive jump and a lot has been updated on the front end and under the hood.

Most of the features included in the 1.2 upgrade are listed below

New Editor
As you may have noticed there are some all new buttons in the text editor. That's because it has been switched from TinyMCE to Redactor, so its completely different, much more modern and plays much better with tabletss and mobile devices as it's responsive.

Although if you're on a mobile device and you want to switch back to the basic BB Code editor view on your device, click this button.


Pasting images and uploading files to a post by drag and drop

If you use Chrome or Firefox and have an image in your clipboard, you can simply paste it into the editor. It will automatically be uploaded as an attachment if possible. If the upload is successful, this works exactly like uploading an image and then clicking the "full image" button.

Note that in Chrome, the image data must be in your clipboard (such as from pressing print screen or copying an image from the Windows snip tool). If you copied the image by right clicking it on a website it will paste it as en embed, hotlinking it and loading it from the original site, not uploading it to the post.

In Firefox, you can either have image data or you can copy a file that's an image and paste that.


User tagging is now native to the core software (whereas I had to use an add on previously).

You can use the @RobinHood syntax to tag users in a post (this also works in the media gallery comments now too)


Auto save drafts
While you are typing a message, every X seconds (currently 60), a draft of your message will be saved. If you reload the page later, your message will be automatically re-shown. Drafts will be automatically pruned over time.
Each draft is associated with a particular piece of content, such as a thread, forum, or conversations. A draft reply that you start working on in thread 1 will not be shown to thread 2 and so forth.

This is particularly useful if you start composing a message on one device and switch to another. Such as switching between your phone, tablet and PC.

Display if messages have been posted since you started your message
Tied into the auto-saving, when you're writing a reply to a thread, we will check to see if any new messages and display a note if there are. You can then display those new posts without reloading the page.

New password storage: Bcrypt
1.2 introduces a more secure password storage method known as bcrypt. Most hashing schemes are designed to be fast, which makes them unsuitable for password storage. Bcrypt is intentionally slow and is also tunable so it can do more work over time as computers become faster.

Notable members, member list disabled
By default, the full members list page is now disabled. On larger boards, not only is it useless (and a spam magnet), it's actually a huge performance issue.

The notable members page looks a bit like the standard members list page, but it shows people of note:
  • Most messages
  • Most likes received
  • Most trophy points
  • Today's birthdays
  • (Non-hidden) Staff members
See the new members page here (I'll be adding the FFF only members page back shortly)

Post Edit History & Logging
So mods and admins can see if a post was edited, who did it etc. Full info here

Deeper In Built Spam Prevention & Management
I've been using some 3rd party add-ons up until now to manage this. Hopefully I shouldn't have to rely on them any more. I've now converted to the inbuilt features (full info here). Hopefully no spam should get through.

Conversation Management Improvements
Full info here.

Bulk Thread Management
Full info here

User preference to disable Flash uploader
Some users have run into problems where Flash is enabled but Flash-based uploads would fail. Individual users can now turn off the Flash uploader even if the admin has enabled it.

Robot identification in online visitors
The online visitors lists now distinguishes guests from robots based on user agent and counts them separately.

When viewing the list of online users, robots will be displayed differently, showing you a bit of information about the robot. The online users list can now be filtered to just members, guests, or robots.

Per forum option to require a prefix
Individual forums can now require a prefix to be selected before a thread can be created. Note that this (intentionally) only applies to threads being created there. Moderators moving threads or taking similar actions are exempt.

Page nodes are searchable
If you have page nodes with content in them, they will now be indexed and displayed in search results. (Note that if you are upgrading, you will need to rebuild the page search index for them to become searchable.)

Other updates:
  • Notification emails: easy unsubscribe
  • User thread title editing
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Jun 20, 2010
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Version 1.3 brough even more changes. Here are some of them.

This is a good video that covers some of the new features and is worth a watch.

It talks about the New editor tool bar adjustments, spoiler tag and multi quote


You should be able to see a new Quote+ button on each post. This allows you to quote many people before compsing your reply. It also allows you to quote posts across multiple threads, pages and even a different forum. Watch the video above for a good tutorial on how to use it properly.

EXIF Rotation, ACP Searching, Proxying and Change Logging
This is a general video that covers more of the back end changes in the Admin Control Panel

Smiley Management Enhancements
This covers some of the admin side improvements for managing smileys.

More smiley info

I've not had a chance to play with this yet, but hopefully I'll get some new smileys uploaded soon :)

Custom BB Codes
More info

All IP logging and management systems have been adjusted to support IPv4 and IPv6. This includes IPs logged with posts and other content, other logs, banned/discouraged IPs, sessions, and more.

Partial IP Searching
Previously, when searching for users based on IP address in the control panel, searches could only be done on a full IP address. You can now search on partial IPs, entered in one of several formats (192.168.*,, or 2001:db8::/32).
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