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Aug 7, 2008
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Before considering to apply, please ensure you have read and agree to our rules, which can be found here.

If you agree to these and would like to apply to be a member of FFF you're welcome to join us in game and in Discord to introduce yourself.

This way you can get to know us and we can get to know you. Only then, if you are then invited to fill out an application you should return to this forum and create a new thread including the following information:


In-Game Name/Alias:



Previous Clan:

Previous Clan's Website:

Steam Name:

Link to Steam Profile:
You can find this by logging into with your steam details then selecting your profile page.

(BF4) Origin ID:

(BF4) Link to Origin Battlelog:
You can find this at

A bit about yourself:
Make the effort to at write at least a few sentences here, failure to do so will affect your application.

Why did you choose for FFF?
There are thousands of clans out there. Why do you think FFF is the right clan for you?

Who referred you?
If one or more people currently in the clan recommended you join, who are those members?

If we accept your initial application you will begin an 8 week trial. After this time we will decide whether or not to make you a full member. Good luck and we'll see you in game! :)
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In addition to the application:

After you have made an account on the FFF website, you have to link that account to the discord app by following these few steps:
If you allready have a discord account you can go to step 3.

1. Go to Discord - Free Voice and Text Chat and make an account
2. Verify your email address on the account
3. Come back to the FFF site and go to
4. On the page Associate your forum account with your Discord account
5. Download the Windows desktop app Download Discord for PC, Mac, iOS, and Android
6. Download the Discord app on your phone

Thank you, Good luck and have fun!
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