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Apr 4, 2013
Name: Shaun Clappison

In-Game Name/Alias: V4deR

Age: 40

Location: York

Previous Clan: FRaG:.

Previous Clan's Website:

Steam Name: V4deR

Link to Steam Profile:

(BF4) Origin ID:

(BF4) Link to Origin Battlelog:
You can find this at

A bit about yourself:
Well, many of you know me already but for those who dont... I've been playing games since i was 8 years old from the old amstrads, amigas, NES, SNES etc etc to PC, ive been religiously playing COD since World at War - before that i played CS 1.5/1.6 and BF2142. I'm now 40 (omfg) have 2.5 kids (10 yr old step son). My hobbies are ummm hmmm gaming...!! I work part time at ALDI as the wife is a full time manager at a restaurant, so ive got the bratlings most of the time. I enjoy a laugh and a joke, and give back more than i get - youve been warned lol Anything else you wanna know, just ask :)

Why did you choose for FFF?
I know many from my previous affiliation with FFF, from that i know many of you pretty well and ive always enjoyed playing with you guys and gals (Hugo and Trentje - i forget which acts like the female :p)

Who referred you?
Shooter, Willow, Jaymo, Acey (i think lol)

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