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Jun 20, 2010
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I've just updated the forum core software to XF 1.4.3. It's mainly small improvements and bug fixes updates.

For a full list of all bug fixes you can view the relevant threads in this forum

Xen Media Gallery is now XenForo Media Gallery
What does that mean? It means the developer of XenMediaGallery (who has also developed a large number of other XF add ons, many of which are installed here) is the first XF hire and the gallery is now an official XF product. This makes Chris the 3rd developer of XF in addition to the founders, Kier & Mike.

This is pretty great as it should mean better support and guarantees long term updates and tighter integration into the core site to make the experience better. In addition it means that many of his smaller tweaks and add ons will end up being integrated into the core product.


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