FFF Squad Rules

Respect All Other Players

Respect the FFF Discord Admins and Mods

The role of theadmins or mods is to enforce the FFF Squad rules to help ensure everyone is playing by the same set of rules and that Discord is a pleasant place to be. If they ask you to do something respect their request or else you will be banned from Discord.
For a full list of Discord staff refer to the clan roster.

No Offensive Or Racist Chat

This includes text and voice chat in game and in Discord. Anyone found to be using racist language will be immediately removed from the clan without exception.

No Flaming In Game Or Discord

This includes complaining about bunny hopping over the public in game voice comms or text chat. No bunny hopping is a clan rule, we cannot control if other players want to jump in a public server, so don't flame them for doing so. If it's our private server, we request them to stop, and if they don't they get kicked.

Remember that when you're wearing FFF tags you're representing the clan, so conduct yourself accordingly over public comm channels with non-FFF players.

No Belching In Discord

You Must Be 18+ To Apply

No Bunny Hopping

This only applies to games where there is no use for a jetpack.

Bunny hopping is classed as:

  • Jumping while under fire to avoid being hit.
  • Jumping and firing at a player to gain an advantage over them.
  • Jumping across a doorway or around a corner to gain advantage or avoid fire.
  • Jumping across open ground.

No Cheating Or Glitching

You must have a clean ban history in order to apply. Do not apply if you have received a VAC ban or any other type of ban in the past.

No Last Stand, Martyrdom or Dead Mans Grip

In other words, no perks that allow a player to have further impact on the game after their standard allocation of health is depleted.

No Tubes, RPGs or Rockets

The only exception to this is when in a non-S&D Server, all FFF members are on the same team and the other team initiates the tubing.

Have Fun!

FFF Stands for 'Friends, Fun & Fairplay'. We all come together to have fun with friends, whilst playing fairly.
Everyone should do their bit to make our TS channel a friendly and inviting place to be. Leave any negativity at the door, come in and have fun!